At first all PE parts with numbers





Parts 1 are strakes for engines #1 and #3

Parts 2 are pitots

Parts 3 are windshield wipers

Parts 11 are antennas

For proper positioning of these parts check pictures of DC10 aircraft

Parts 6 are misprints and not be used

Parts 4/5 are torque links.

The larger ones for the main gear struts, the shorter for the nose and center gears

Parts 10 are flaps for the 3 air condition outlets on both sides of the nose gear

Parts 7 and 9 are for the cabin pressurization vents

Part 8 is a door partly covering the APU inlet







Here now the small parts for the landing gear:



Part 1 is the nose gear steering cylinder

Part 2 is the retract arm for the center gear,

part 3 for the nose gear

Parts 4 are for the main gear bay, see picture below

Parts 5 are the actuator cylinders for the main gears



Here is the nose gear with part 1 and 3 plus the PE part 5




Next picture shows center gear with part 2 and PE part 5 




Here the left main gear with part 5 and the retract arm

( not discussed before), plus the PE part 4




Last but not least the landing gear part 4